Chiro Cat Status Monitoring

We are pleased to announce that Chiro Cat’s services are now being monitored constantly by Uptime Robot. Though we strive to keep our servers in optimal condition with the latest and greatest software available, it’s just a fact of life that there is always a possibility that a hard drive could go bad or an earthquake could occur near one of our datacenters and our site goes down temporarily. With Uptime Robot, our technicians will be alerted immediately and will start working out a solution before most of our chiropractic offices are even aware of any issues.

What to do if is unavailable?

If Chiro Cat ever goes offline, feel free to shoot us an email with a screenshot of what you’re seeing. Though we will most likely be notified automatically through our monitoring service, it doesn’t hurt to have another point of reference. You can reach us at

Once we receive notice of a problem, we will attempt to keep you updated through multiple channels:

You can also check the status of our servers by visiting