Exporting Patient Details Including Names, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Mailing Addresses, etc.

From the front desk module, go to billing Statement and reports, go to data export tab at the top, select patient data, primary provider, select provider

Exporting Chart Notes, SOAP Notes, etc.

Use the ChiroTouch Reporting Module, go to Patients -> Notes and Documents -> Chart Notes

Exporting Future appointments

Go to ChiroTouch’s report module, Patients -> Appointments – Future Appointment Schedule By Provider

Exporting Patient Payment Data Including Ledger, Transaction Data, etc.

Go to ChiroTouch’s report module and click on Financial -> Reporting -> Payment Details By Service Provider

Tip: ChiroTouch often crashes if you try to export more than several month’s worth of data, so if you’re trying to export a large amount, try breaking it down into separate files

Exporting Patient Files

Find the where the patient files are located on the network drive, for example //FrontDesk/CTData/PatFiles and then zip it all and send it to yourself.