When you’re seeing 50 patients a day, quality communication is tough. But it’s the edge that will keep your clients coming back. Chiro Cat’s message center and two way communication make you accessible to your patients without taking up your time. So patients can be heard and you can practice.

Message your patients

in Chiro Cat, messages are sent back and forth to your clients via text, saving everyone a lot of time and hassle. Once a contact is created you are able to message them from the patient profile or message center.


The Messages button takes you to your inbox with all your recent conversations and any unread messages. Click on a thread to see the conversation history and send a new message.

This Screen shot is to show how to locate Message in Chiro Cat.


If you have documents or lengthy information to send, you can also e-mail a client by clicking on the e-mail address in their profile.

Manage Your Contacts

A directory of contacts shows you all the patients in your system.

This screen shot is to show how to access your patient's contact information

Want to check up on a specific patient? Quickly look up any patient on your mind with the search bar, that is visible on every page in the software. Once at a patient profile, click on the Messages tab to see your conversation history and send a new message.

This screen shot shows the search feature (a magnifying glass in the upper right corner) that allows you to search for a contact on any page.

In fact, any place you see a contact name you can click on it to be taken to the patient profile.

Patient Reminders

If you have notes about a specific patient, you can make yourself a reminder that will pop at the scheduled date and time.

This screen shot shows where in a patient profile you can create a reminder and how a reminder will look on the screen.

Create New Contacts

Create new contacts by clicking the new contact button in the Contacts Page or from the + symbol in the upper right corner of every page.